Saturday, December 19, 2009

heart shaped clutch

Hi everyone. Well i'm trapped in my house cause we got snowed in and we haven't had this much snow in the east coast since 96'. So i thought i'll post up something new for you guys. I always wanted a heart shaped clutch every since top shop came out with a lovely floral one i had to have one. So the other day i was shopping at TjMaxx and i found this lovely pink one it's by Expressions Nyc and cost $20. Also another cool part about this clutch is that it can turn silver as well if you rub on it the sequin flip over to silver. I can't wait to wear this bag out in the city at night!


  1. ohhh that is SO pretty! I love it!!!!

  2. that is so adorable. they closed m local TJ max :( lol

  3. That is very very cutey clutch! pink & heart combo, great combination! very nic post you shared!